Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church


Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church was organized in October 1986.  The church was named Macedonia in part because of the history of the building as Macedonia Schoolhouse. “Macedonia School, located at the southeast corner of 100 East and 100 South, was used from 1878 to the 1914-15 school year,” according to the Hancock County Historical Society records. 

Macedonia church is a Missionary Baptist Church of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Association.  The  association is currently a group of 15 churches of like faith and order.

Macedonia church is located at corner of 100 East and 100 South in Greenfield, IN.  Our services are in the tradition of small Baptist churches that once populated Indiana and Kentucky.  The church members all have the common goal of coming together as a body of believers to worship God and pointing the lost to salvation through Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, we support several missionary efforts.

To learn more about the hisotry of the building, visit the Hancock County Historical Society at:  

28 N. Apple St, Greenfield, Indiana

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